Gold partner

Staqu Technologies is an award-winning AI research firm with 8 years of experience in providing AI-based plug-and-play video analytics solutions across industries like Retail, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure. With its proprietary product JARVIS (Joint AI Research for Video Instance and Streams), Staqu is revolutionizing safety, security, and operations using existing camera infrastructure, and making the world safer and smarter.

JARVIS is a centralized video management software that uses existing cameras and an internet connection to provide actionable data insights through video feed. It alerts in real-time, focusing on all audio-video streams. JARVIS has received accolades from some of the greatest Industry Leaders such as FICCI, NASSCOM, TE Global Summit, IBM among others.

Staqu's AI-powered video analytics help retailers worldwide see the world in real time, from customer demographics and visitor counts to queue management and store occupancy views. This data gives retailers the insights they need to improve the customer journey and boost sales.

Silver Partner

Mason is an AI Shopping Copilot for e-commerce brands and retailers. In an online landscape where nearly 98% of visitors don't complete purchases, Mason provides AI-powered solutions to enhance and personalize the browse to buy journey on their websites.

Headquartered in California and led by former Myntra executives (Flipkart Group) Barada and Kausambi, Mason is the trusted choice for over 8000+ brands including like of Skechers, Dabur, Perfora, Mokobara, as well as e-commerce giants like Swiggy and Myntra. The company has garnered numerous accolades from organizations like Nasscom,Shopify, and Product Hunt, and it has been featured in prestigious publications, including Forbes India.

Exhibit Partners

Qsutra® is the sole authorized partner & Only Certified Training Provider of Minitab in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Nepal!

Minitab helps businesses increase efficiency and improve quality. Organisations around the world use Minitab® Statistical Software, Companion by Minitab® and Quality Trainer by Minitab® to find meaningful solutions to raise performance and drive innovation. We share our customer’s commitment to excellence; our goal is to help them achieve it.

Our constant endeavor is to provide the best tools & related services like Training, Statistical Consulting to Manufacturing, Pharma & Service industries.

At Sciative Solutions, we specialise in developing the most powerful AI-powered tools for the Retail, Travel, & Entertainment industries. With BRIO, the retail organisations can quickly and accurately benchmark prices against competitors, track pricing trends, and gain deep insights into market demand. This tool uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to provide real-time recommendations on pricing strategy, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Compliance Cart is leading the transformation of compliance management through digitalization and automation. By providing a single, collaborative and intelligent platform, Compliance Cart makes compliance management hassle-free for Retailers. With Compliance Cart you can simplify and streamline supply chain management, E-commerce compliance, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) compliance, store compliance and vendor compliance, enabling digital transformation of compliance processes. Its intelligent SaaS platform provides real-time compliance status across the organization's operations, as well as its vendor and supplier network.

Networking partners

Instor India is the largest manufacturer and exporter of display racks, retail fixtures, and industrial solutions in India. Instor offers the widest range of standard and customized products with the best wall and floor space utilization designs, certified durability, competitive pricing, and modern aesthetics. Instor helps retail brands deliver the best customer experience at every touchpoint and drive higher profit per square foot.

Fusion is a rapidly growing company offering business process management and customer experience solutions. We serve clients worldwide, employing 14000+ professionals in 27 global locations. Our High-Tech High-Touch solutions enhance customer service, efficiency, and workspace experience. We currently serve 3 out of the top 10 ecommerce retail companies in India.